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OpenGroove ITGPS2 Tools and Tutorial  -Back-
This download contains all the tools you will need to create your own ITGPS2 mix minus having the original game itself (which you will need). Inside the rar there is a tutorial which you MUST read. This guide is mainly geared towards creating a mix from scratch, not just adding on to the original ITG songs. If you have any problems with the tutorial or any of the tools please post in the forums. Download the file here: Download ITGPS2 Hacking Tools


-PCKSuite Installer V1 by Fireflake.exe-
This is a tool created by Fireflake that can pack, unpack and create the IDX file for the PCK's in ITGPS2

This is an installer for the Microsoft Visual C++ library. Without this the
PCKSuite will not run.

-cddvdgen 1.20.exe-
This is Sony's CD/DVD-ROM Generator version 1.20 for creating the .iml files
in order to create your Image.

This is a file openable by cddvdgen customized for ITGPS2 so all you need to do is add the files.

This is a tool that will convert the iml file created in cddvdgen into the ISO
that you will burn to dvd.

-ScreenPackBuilderTool by Kholdfuzion.rar-
Contains a great tool for building all the Screen packs for ITGPS2 so you do not need to manually edit and repack a billion PCK files.

This is a hacked build of StepMania 4.0 which is set up to cache the way ITGPS2 reads. For more info on caching see Step 10 of the README.

-README ITGPS2 instructions.txt-
A comprehensive tutorial on how to use everything.

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