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ITG2 Arcade: Replace the Default Theme  -Back-
Let's say that you have an ITG3 theme with a folder titled "itg3" containing the theme, and you want to replace the current one on the machine.

In your custom folder (see the ITG2AC Hacking Guide), make a "Themes" folder if you don't already have one, and then make an "arcade" folder. Within the arcade folder, make a "metrics.ini" plain text file. In that file, type or copy and paste the following (assuming your theme is called itg3).



Note that after "FallbackTheme=" in the contents of the metrics.ini, it references the theme that you are using. You can put any name there, provided a theme exists of that name. If a theme of that name does not exist, then the machine will boot the normal theme instead of the replaced one.

After this, just take your theme (in this case, contained in the itg3 folder) and put it in your Themes folder. Remember in the case of most ITG3 themes, you will also have to include the fallback3 folder even though arcade doesn't reference it directly!

Lastly, zip up your custom folder, and put it onto the machine as explained in the ITG2AC Hacking Guide.

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