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ITG2AC Hacking Guide  -Back-

USB keyboard (PS/2 is fine if you have access to the back of the machine)
USB jumpdrive (preferably 256mb or larger)
SLAX Frodo Linux
MySlax Creator
nano Text Editor

Follow these steps at your own risk!! Neither BoXoRRoXoRs nor RoXoR Games can be held responsible for anything that happens. The procedure has been preformed numerous times, and to my knowledge, there has never been a situation in which hacking the machine in this manner rendered it permanently unusable. I personally have hacked quite a few machines, and have never had major issues.

-=-Preparing Linux-=-
Download SLAX Frodo from
Download MySlax Creator from
Install MySlax Creator with all the default options. Run MySlax Creator. Click Next, then select ISO-Default.
Plug in your USB drive to any USB port.
Under "Select an SLAX ISO image:", choose the SLAX Frodo Linux .iso file you just downloaded, then click Mount,
then click USB Drive. Under "Select USB Drive:", choose your USB drive, then click Create USB Stick.
It will come up with a format dialog - choose FAT32 or FAT (FAT32 will most likely be the only option, depending on your computer) and click Start, then OK. When it is finished,
click OK again, then Close. It will install Slax to the USB jumpdrive. Click OK when finished.
Close MySlax Creator. Do not choose to reboot.
Get the nano Text Editor module for Slax from
Take the nano Text Editor module file and copy it into the modules folder under your USB jumpdrive. The folder should
already exist on the drive after the Slax installation.

-=-Preparing Simfiles-=-
ITG does not work with .mp3 files. They need to be converted into an .ogg file with a frequency of 48khz. 44.1khz, or
anything lower, will cause the song and steps to play fast. There are plenty of audio converters available
online. Choose anything that can convert .mp3 files to .ogg files with that correct frequency.
Please note that you must change any refrence of .mp3 to .ogg in .sm or .dwi files.

After you convert the audio, Cache all the songs you want to copy using either SM3.95 or the Cacher found on our tools page.

Once SM is done making a cache, move the folders you need (Songs/Cache and Courses/Themes if you are customizing those) into a new folder we'll call custom. Zip (not rar) custom. (so that you have*Songs*Courses etc)

-=-Booting Linux-=-
Plug the USB jumpdrive into the P1 mem slot on the cabinet.
Plug the USB keyboard into the P2 mem slot on the cabinet.
Turn off the ITG2 dedicab.
If your machine has a BIOS password, you must remove it by removing the CMOS battery. If you do not know how to do this, google it, and consider asking someone for help Razz.
While the computer is POSTing, go into the Boot Menu (F11)
Select your USB device from the list of devices.

-=-Copying Files-=-
When Slax is finished loading, enter username "root" and password "toor" to get a command prompt.

Prepare the directory to mount the USB jumpdrive.
mkdir /mnt/hi

Mount the USB jumpdrive.
mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/hi

Start the Midnight Commander.

Once in Midnight, navigate to your, and copy it. (f5 to copy in Midnight)
A copy dialouge should come up... in the second text box you see, remove anything there and type

In Midnight, go to hda5. Once there, type

It will list all the files that are in the zip, then bring up Midnight again. Check to make sure that a 'custom' folder has appeared.
After you know that it unzipped, delete

-=-Making Static.ini-=-
In Midnight, go to hda3, then close midnight (time for nano Razz ).

Once you have a command line, type
nano Static.ini

Note the capitol S.
In Static.ini, put this exactly:


After this, sync the drives

Switch off the cabinet, remove all devices from the USB ports on the cabinet, and switch the cabinet back on.
The new inserted songs should now appear.

Thanks go to CMCM for the original version of this.

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