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R21 Custom Song Guide  -Back-
As you know with the R21 update you can put your own custom songs on your USB card and play them on your local arcade machine, but a lot of people don't seem to be able to do it properly so here goes.

1. Your songs must be in .ogg format.

2. Your stepfile must be in .sm format

3. Make a folder called "Songs" inside your "In The Groove 2" folder on your USB drive so you have "\In The Groove 2\Songs"

4. Place the SONG folders WITHOUT group folders inside of the "Songs" directory. Example: I want to play Butterfly on the arcade machine so I will copy the "Butterfly" directory which contains the .ogg and .sm files for it inside the "Songs" directory. DO NOT put folders like "DDR 1st Mix" inside the "Songs" directory and then put songs in that, if you do it will not work.
Note: Don't make folders that have ALL capital letters or there is the potential they will not be loaded. Change at least one letter to lower-case.

5. You may delete the BG's and banners from your USB drive as they will not show up on the machine.

6. If you have songs that are longer than 119 seconds than you must patch them using the Ogg Length Patcher which you can find on the tools page or they will not load.

7. You can not place more than 50 songs on your USB drive or excess songs will not be read.

That should about cover it. If you encounter any problems that I didn't discuss please post in the forums.

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