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ITGpc Hacking Guide  -Back-
How to PROPERLY crack and hack ITGpc
Please note that this guide is for PC users only, I don't know how to crack/hack on a mac (please no comments about the inadvertant rhyme scheme). Please follow these instructions exactly. If your computer's drives are configured differently, you're on your own to work around that. Also note that, just because you may have a legitimate copy of ITGpc does NOT mean you cannot do this. It works all the same on legitimate or pirated versions of the game.


Let's begin!
To start off, freshly install ITGpc, this means that if it's already installed, remove it completely, including the "My Documents\In The Groove" folder, and reinstall it (back up any scores you may have that you're proud of or whatever. When installing, make sure to install it into its default directory (C:\Program Files\In The Groove).

Cracking In The Groove for PC
Now that you have a fresh install of ITGpc:

-Open the crack file linked above.
-Run "Crack.bat".
-When "Crack.bat" finishes cracking your game, run ITGpc.
-Once ITGpc has opened, exit it. This created a new profile folder for "My Documents\In The Groove".
-Copy the "Save" folder included with the crack into the new profile folder.
-Run the game to make sure it all works properly.
If you have any problems getting the crack to work, please follow the instructions in the "Readme.txt" included with the crack. Also note that the files extracted by the crack are now in (C:\TMP\Extracted).

Installing the ITG2 patch/songpack on your cracked ITGpc
-Assuming you've downloaded the patch, run the installer.
-When it asks where to install the game, change the default directory to read (C:\Program Files\In The Groove 2). This way the patch isn't installed over your crack.
-Once the patch has finished installing, open its directory (C:\Program Files\In The Groove 2) and drag each PCK into the PCK Extractor included with the patch. This will extract everything into the (C:\TMP\Extracted) directory.
-Go to your ITGpc's PCKs directory (C:\Program Files\In The Groove\PCKs) and delete all except "DBFEE9B0.PCK" and "DD70BA0B.PCK".
-Run ITGpc. Go to Options > Gameplay Options, and change Theme to "In The Groove 2".
You should now be able to play all of the ITG2 songs with the ITG2pc theme. If something's not working, look over the steps again and make sure everything was done correctly.

Playing Custom Courses
Firstly, when preparing custom courses, make sure all instances of Mini in 3.95 or lower courses are changed to Tiny. Then ensure that all sims for the courses are in .ogg format.

-Go to (C:\TMP\Extracted\Themes\itg1-reduced) and copy the folder "Other" to (C:\TMP\Extracted\Themes\itg2-reduced).
-Open the "Other" folder.
-Open "SongManager PreferredCourses.txt" and delete its contents.
-Go to (C:\TMP\Extracted\Courses) and create a new folder "Marathon3". Put all of your .crs files and associated banner images into this folder. Note that you can make as many folders in "Courses" as you want, and name them whatever you want, I just use "Marathon3" for organizational purposes.
-Run ITGpc. Hit "Start Game" and go to Marathon mode.
Your courses should now be on the coursewheel.


-Set "AdditionalCourseFolders=" in preferences.ini to point to a directory with your .crs files in it. Note that there are problems with courses that use both ITGpc and non ITGpc songs via this method.

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