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ITG2AC image tutorial  -Back-
So let's say that you have this "backup" of your legitimately purchased arcade HDD in a .gz format. This guide will instruct you on how to use slax frodo to restore the image to a hard drive.

what you'll need in addition to the hard drive:
- a USB pendrive with at least 64MB space with Slax installed

Basic info about Linux


The file structure in Linux is way different than in Windows. UNIX/Linux uses a frontslash to delimit folders rather than a backslash. Also, there are no volumes of files (i.e. A:, C:, D:, etc.), it is just one giant filesystem with certain directories being mountpoints for your file media. Most of the mountpoints are located in the /mnt directory, which Slax automatically mounts the hard drive partitions to the proper directories.

device naming:

if you look into the /mnt directory while in slax, you'll notice files such as 'hda1', 'hda2', 'hdb3', 'sda1', etc. These are all device names corresponding to the hardware device ('hd' or 'sd', and the letter) and partition mounted (the number).

basic Linux shell commands
cd - change directory - change into another directory
mount - mount a device (we're probably not gonna use that)
umount - unmount a device (we might have to use that depending which hard drive will be used to put the image on)
gunzip - unzip a .gz file
dd - block-for-block copying

laying the image onto a hard drive:
this is assuming that the hard drive that holds the .gz image is primary master and the receiving hard drive is secondary master and is blank
1) boot up slax, login as root (passwd is 'toor')
2) cd /mnt/hda1/path/to/your/image/
3) gunzip -c image.gz | dd of=/dev/hdb, wait a really long time D:
4) reboot

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