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Custom Cabinet Light Patterns on ITG2AC  -Back-
Custom Cabinet Light Patterns on ITG2AC

By default, ITG2AC will take the marquee lights from the dance hard steps, and the bass lights from the dance medium steps. There is, however a way to write your own steps for the lights to follow, appropriately entitled lights-cabinet.

Here?s a basic start to a lights-cabinet stepchart:
 //---------------lights-cabinet - ----------------
[note: the radar values will change]
I have not tested whether it needs to be easy or not, but the ITG charts that use this all seem to use easy, so I?m just going to stick with that Razz

Anyway, the charts for lights-cabinet look much like the normal dance-double charts? 8 spaces across.
The first 4 spaces represent left, down, up, right; and behaves exactly like the dance hard chart does with the marquee lights. the next two rows control the cabinet/menu buttons, but because they are not wired to the lights io, they have no effect, and the last 2 are the bass lights, which should be jumps, because generally the bass lights wired together.

lights-cabinet seems to be used primarly on ITG1 charts, and not on ITG2. Its my guess that ITG1 didn't support the system in which the lights are taken from dance steps like ITG2 does, and the devs just left the light charts in from ITG1 in ITG2.

but anyway, yeah... Not sure yet if theres any differences between dedicabs and upgrades, or if all revisions support this, but i would assume its the same with all ITG2's. Furthermore, i dont know if this works on the r21 style song edits, or just hacked songs. If anyone wants to contribute answers to any of these questions, feel free to PM me.

Because there's no way to edit the lights-cabinet steps in stepmania (that i know of at least) the easiest way to make one is to make a doubles (novice) chart, and then just edit it in a text editor to be lights-cabinet easy.

[thanks to Rubbinnexx for the info on the cabinet/menu lights]

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