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ITG2 Arcade: Adding a Theme Switcher  -Back-
What I am going to show here is how to add a theme switcher to a "secret" menu accessed by code on the title screen.

First, you will need some themes. At the very top of each theme there should be something along the lines of this:


Change it to


(Note that in special cases, such as the ITG3 theme, themes CAN fall back on something other than fallback. In that case, edit the metrics.ini of the theme that the theme you want to use falls back on [eg. fallback3 for the ITG3 theme])

Make a "mods" theme (see: default theme modification) and include the following code at the end of the metrics.ini:



In this, the code is Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right on the pad and it accesses "ScreenSecretOptions", which falls back on the game options menu from the operator's menu (don't worry, there's no way in-game to screw with those settings). You can change the code to whatever you want.

Here is a key of what you can use on ITG2 in codes:
Left - Left on the pad
Right - Right on the pad
Up - Up on the pad
Down - Down on the pad
MenuLeft - Left blue button (yellow if you have an upgrade)
MenuRight - Right blue button (yellow if you have an upgrade)
Start - Green button
Select - Red button (dedicated cabinet ONLY)

To access the menu, enter your code on the title screen after you put a credit in (don't worry, you won't lose your credit).

Remember that you can only choose themes within the menu that either fall back on "mods" or contain [ScreenSecretMenu] within them. Otherwise, you will have to reboot the machine.

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